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Lightman B. (ed.) A Companion to the History of Science

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Lightman B. (ed.) A Companion to the History of Science
Wiley-Blackwell, 2016. — 601 p.
The Wiley Blackwell Companion to the History of Science is a single volume companion that discusses the history of science as it is done today, providing a survey of the debates and issues that dominate current scholarly discussion, with contributions from leading international scholars.
Introduction (by Bernard Lightman).
Historiography of the History of Science (by Lynn K. Nyhart).
Learned Man and Woman in Antiquity and the Middle Ages (by Nathan Sidoli).
Go-Betweens, Travelers, and Cultural Translators (by Kapil Raj).
The Alchemist (by Tara Nummedal).
The Natural Philosopher (by Peter Dear).
The Natural Historian (by Kristin Johnson).
Invisible Technicians, Instrument Makers, and Artisans (by Iwan Rhys Morus).
Scientific illustrators (by Valérie Chansigaud).
The Human Experimental Subject (by Anita Guerrini).
Amateurs (by Katherine Pandora).
The Man of Science (by Paul White).
The Professional Scientist (by Cyrus C. M. Mody).
Places and Spaces
The Medieval University (by Steven J. Livesey).
The Observatory (by Robert W. Smith).
The Court (by Bruce T. Moran).
Academies and Societies (by Denise Phillips).
Museums and Botanical Gardens (by Lukas Rieppel).
Domestic Space (by Donald L. Opitz).
Commercial Science (by Paul Lucier).
The Field (by Robert E. Kohler and Jeremy Vetter).
The Laboratory (by Catherine M. Jackson).
Modern School and University (by Heike Jöns).
Manuscripts (by Joyce van Leeuwen).
The Printing Press (by Nick Wilding).
Correspondence Networks (by Brian Ogilvie).
Translations (by Marwa Elshakry and Carla Nappi).
Journals and Periodicals (by Aileen Fyfe).
Textbooks (by Josep Simon).
Lectures (by Diarmid A. Finnegan).
Film, Radio, and Television (by David A. Kirby).
Tools of Science
Timing Devices (by Rory McEvoy).
Weights and Measures (by Hector Vera).
Calculating Devices and Computers (by Matthew L. Jones).
Specimens and Collections (by Mary E. Sunderland).
Recording Devices (by Jimena Canales).
Microscopes (by Boris Jardine).
Telescopes (by Jim Bennett).
Prisms, Spectroscopes, Spectrographs, and Gratings (by Klaus Hentschel).
Diagrams (by Charlotte Bigg).
Three Dimensional Models (by Joshua Nall and Liba Taub).
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