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Lo J. How to make patent drawings

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Lo J. How to make patent drawings
Nolo, 2007. — 239 p.
Patent drafters charge $75 to $100 per sheet to prepare drawings -- but you can draw them yourself!
How to Make Patent Drawings is an essential guide for inventors who want to complete a crucial step in the patenting process themselves -- creating formal patent drawings that comply with the strict rules of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars).
Written by two experts in the patent field, How to Make Patent Drawings shows you how to:
make utility patent drawings
make design patent drawings
utilize pen and paper, or digital equipment
respond to Patent Office Actions regarding drawings
Plus, once you've secured a patent with your drawings, you can also use them to market and promote your product to prospective manufacturers and customers.
The 5th edition is completely updated to reflect recent changes to patent law and the newest advances in technical drawing. It includes all necessary forms, plus step-by-step instructions for filling them out.
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