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Trotsky L. The challenge of the left opposition 1923-1925

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Trotsky L. The challenge of the left opposition 1923-1925
New York: Pathfinder Press, 1975. — 431 p. — ISBN 0-87348-424-X; ISBN 0-87348-450-9. Edited with an introduction by Naomi Allen.
Speeches and writing s by the leader of the anti- Stalinist movement at the beginning of its fight for revolutionary inter nationalism and workers democracy in the Soviet Union.
First Letter to the Central Committee
Second Letter to the Central Committee
The New Course
The Question of Party Generations
The Social Composition of the Party
Groups and Factional Formations
Bureaucratism and the Revolution
Tradition and Revolutionary Policy
The "Underestimation" of the Peasantry
The Fundamental Questions of Food and Agrarian Policy
Planned Economy (1042)
The New Course (A Letter to Party Meetings)
Functionarism in the Army and Elsewhere
On the "Smychka" Between Town and Country (More Precisely: On the "Smychka" and False Rumors)
Two Generations
Speech to the Thirteenth Party Congress
On the Defeat of the German Revolution
from On the Road to the European Revolution
from Through What Stage Are We Passing?
Problems of Civil War
The Lessons of October
We Must Study the October Revolution
"The Democratic Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Peasantry"—in February and October
The Struggle Against War and Defensism
The April Conference
The July Days; the Kornilov Episode; the Democratic Conference and the Pre-Parliament
On the Eve of the October Revolution; the Aftermath—
The October Insurrection and Soviet "Legality"
Again, on the Soviets and the Party in a Proletarian Revolution
A Brief Comment on This Book
Our Differences
The Purpose of This Explanation
The Past
The Role of the Party
"The Democratic Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Peasantry"
Leninism and "Blanquism"
"The Combined Type of State"
Problems of the Present
Letter to the Plenum of the Central Committee
Two Statements "By Trotsky"
Letter on Eastman's Book
A Statement on Monatte and Rosmer
Toward Capitalism or Socialism?
The Language of Figures
The NEP and the Peasantry
The Growth of the Productive Forces
The Soundness of Socialized Industry
Coordination of City and Countryside
Accomplishments of Socialism in Industry
Russia and the Capitalist World
Comparison Coefficients of the World Economy
Material Limits and Possibilities of the Rate of Economic Development
Socialist Development and the Resources of the World Market
Socialization of the Productive Process
Crises and Other Dangers of the World Market
A Split in the Triumvirate
A "Bloc" with Zinoviev (For a Diary)
An Analysis of the Slogans and Differences
On the Leningrad Opposition
The Platform of the Forty-six
The New Course Resolution
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