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David S. et al. Genomic and Precision Medicine: Primary Care

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David S. et al. Genomic and Precision Medicine: Primary Care
Third Edition. — Academic Press, 2017. — 357 p. — ISBN 978-0-12-800685-6.
This book, Third Edition is an invaluable resource on the state-of-the-art tools, technologies and policy issues that are required to fully realize personalized health care in the area of primary care.
One of the major areas where genomic and personalized medicine is most active is the realm of the primary care practitioner. Risk, family history, personal genomics and pharmacogenomics are becoming increasingly important to the PCP and their patients, and this book discusses the implications as they relate to primary care practitioners.
Presents a comprehensive volume for primary care providers
Provides succinct commentary and key learning points that will assist providers with their local needs for the implementation of genomic and personalized medicine
Includes a current overview on major opportunities for genomic and personalized medicine in practice
Highlights case studies that illustrate the practical use of genomics in the management in patients
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