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Basdevant J.-L. Lectures on Quantum Mechanics. With Problems, Exercises and their Solutions

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Basdevant J.-L. Lectures on Quantum Mechanics. With Problems, Exercises and their Solutions
Springer International Publishing, 2016 — 2nd Ed. — 476 p. — (Graduate Texts in Physics) — ISBN 978-3-319-43479-7.
The new edition of this remarkable text offers the reader a conceptually strong introduction to quantum mechanics, but goes beyond this to present a fascinating tour of modern theoretical physics. Beautifully illustrated and engagingly written, it starts with a brief overview of diverse topics across physics including nanotechnology, statistical physics, materials science, astrophysics, and cosmology.
The core of the book covers both established and emerging aspects of quantum mechanics. A concise introduction to traditional quantum mechanics covers the Schrödinger equation, Hilbert space, the algebra of observables, hydrogen atom, spin and Pauli principle. Modern features of the field are presented by exploring entangled states, Bell's inequality, quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation and quantum mechanics in the universe. This new edition has been enchanced through the addition of numerous problems with detailed solutions, an introduction to the mathematical tools needed and expanded discussion of the state-of-the-art in applications of quantum mechanics.
The Appeal of Physics
A Quantum Phenomenon
Wave Function, Schrödinger Equation
Physical Quantities
Energy Quantization
Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Two-State Systems
Algebra of Observables
Approximation Methods
Angular Momentum
The Hydrogen Atom
Spin 1/2
Addition of Angular Momenta
Identical Particles, the Pauli Principle
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian, Lorentz Force in Quantum Mechanics
The Evolution of Systems
Entangled States. The Way of Paradoxes
Solutions to the Exercises
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