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Barzee Rex. Programming Fundamentals in javascript

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Barzee Rex. Programming Fundamentals in javascript
Maia LLC, 2017. — 332 p.
Use javascript to learn the fundamentals of computer programming. The fundamentals are transferable to all programming languages, and javascript is a fantastic language to practice programming fundamentals. Here is a sample of what you will learn with this book and javascript:
Use variables to store data and perform calculations
Write if/else statements to make decisions
Write loops to repeat commands
Write functions to organize your code and make it reusable
Use arrays to store and process large amounts of data
Use the built-in objects and functions in javascript to write more effective programs
This book is simply jammed full of helpful programming examples, including computing compound interest, the future value of an investment, the volume of a cylinder, the distance between two points, the area of a triangle, the surface area of a pyramid, roots using the quadratic formula. Other examples include determining if a number is prime, finding the greatest common divisor of two numbers, creating an array, filling an array, reversing an array, finding a value in an array, sorting an array, making an HTML document interactive using the document object model (DOM), storing data permanently using local storage, reversing a string of text, counting the occurrences of a character, extracting the family name from a person's full name, transposing musical chords, and many more.
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