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Peace Corps. Tunisia cours complementaire (Tunisia Complementary Course)

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Peace Corps. Tunisia cours complementaire (Tunisia Complementary Course)
Peace Corps, 1996. — 142 pages.
Книга учителя французского языка в Тунисе.
The instructional materials in French are designed for use by language trainers of Peace Corps volunteers serving in francophone Tunisia, to supplement situational language and grammar instruction. A brief introductory section offers strategies for teaching verb tenses. The diverse materials that follow include lists of situational questions in various tenses, lists of sentences for translation from English to French, notes on using photographs for classroom instruction, brief texts in French with vocabulary underlined, notes on having students conduct and report on out-of-class interviews, a series of interview questionnaires and project topics, questions formed in different tenses, verb conjugation exercises, a series of brief stories and comprehension exercises, a list of common expressions in erroneous French, lists of class discussion and presentation topics, topical Tunisian vocabulary lists, popular expressions and idioms, Americanisms, role-playing topics, a press conference exercise, problem-solving exercises, and a list of proverbs.
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