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Peace Corps. Gabon PST Technical Language: Math/Education

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Peace Corps. Gabon PST Technical Language: Math/Education
Peace Corps. — 32 pages.
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Материалы по обучению техническому французскому для математиков в Габоне. На французском языке.
A set of instructional materials on technical French for mathematics instruction is designed for Peace Corps volunteers teaching math in Gabon. The materials consist of six lessons on the use of French to teach and express mathematical concepts and procedures, and information about the Gabonese educational system, in English. The French lessons include specific objectives, mathematical exercises, and vocabulary lists, with some illustrations. The lessons are designed so that by their completion, students can write, solve, and explain their own math problems, using the vocabulary and structures just introduced. The information on the Gabonese educational system describes and charts its structure. The charts are given in French. Appended materials include lists of mathematical symbols and their French language descriptions, rules governing the writing of numbers, useful expressions for the classroom, and additional mathematical vocabulary
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