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Byrne J.H. (ed.) Learning and memory: a comprehensive reference

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Academic Press / Elsevier, 2008. - 3433 p. - ISBN: 978-012-370504-4
"A comprehensive reference work on learning and memory could not be better timed than this. During the second half of the twentieth century, the study of learning and memory moved from a descriptive science largely based on the pioneering behavioral analyses of Pavlov, Thorndike, Watson, Skinner, Kamin, Rescorla, and Wagner to a new mechanistic science of mind that combines these brilliant behavioral studies with an analysis of the underlying neural mechanisms, first in a regional manner by Milner, Tulving, Mishkin, Squire, Schachter, and Morris, then on the cellular level, and finally on the molecular level. The challenges that now face the field are outlined by the five great pioneers in the study of memory – the editor-in-chief Jack Byrne and the editors of these four extraordinary volumes: Learning Theory and Behavior, edited by Randolf Menzel; Cognitive Psychology of Memory, edited by Henry Roediger; Memory Systems, edited by Howard Eichenbaum; and Molecular Mechanisms of Memory, edited by David Sweatt. The challenge faced by the contributors to these volumes was to combine the molecular mechanisms with the other three levels in order to provide a coherent, systematically and intellectually satisfying understanding of learning and memory. This is central to the new science of mind. Since memory is the glue that holds our mental life together, the topics covered by these four volumes are central to and paradigmatic for all aspects of the neurobiology of mental life, which has as its goal the understanding of all mental processes in neurobiological terms. Indeed, it is the plasticity of the brain that is the key to understanding the continuity of all mental function. The goal for each of these four volumes was to bridge the subdisciplines concerned with the various forms of memory into a coherent science. The chapters of each of these volumes succeed admirably in doing just that. As a result, this rich and rewarding reference work will serve as a superb framework for the decades ahead, a reference that will provide both the student and the working scientist with the intellectual background necessary to understand and function effectively in the study of learning and memory".
Volume 1 – Learning theory and behavior
Volume 2 – Cognitive psychology of memory
Volume 3 – Memory systems
Volume 4 – Molecular mechanisms of memory
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