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Steiss A.W. Strategic Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

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Steiss A.W. Strategic Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
NY: Routledge, 2007. — 456 p. — (Public Administration and Public Policy Series 102).
The central resource for process improvement and innovation, this book includes valuable techniques to identify and improve organizational processes, as well as manage the change that accompanies implementation. Strategic Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations discusses SWOT analysis, TQM, systematic innovation, Six Sigma, quality function deployment, process mapping, gap analysis, and activity based costing. With helpful references to secondary sources and a comprehensive glossary, this text will benefit public administrators, financial managers, public planners, investment managers, policy analysts, and public policy specialists, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

Strategic Management
Organizational Decision Making: The Framework for Strategic Management
Strategic Planning: Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives
Strategic Planning: SWOT Analysis, Strategies, Policies, and Implementation
Productivity and Quality Improvement
Resource Management: Process Reengineering
Resource Management: Cost Analysis
Resource Management: Budgeting
Change Management
Organization Control
Performance Evaluation
Information Management and Decision-Support Systems
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