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Miyara F. Software-Based Acoustical Measurements

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Miyara F. Software-Based Acoustical Measurements
Springer, 2017. — 438 p.
This textbook provides a detailed introduction to the use of software in combination with simple and economical hardware (a sound level meter with calibrated AC output and a digital recording system) to obtain sophisticated measurements usually requiring expensive equipment. It emphasizes the use of free, open source, and multiplatform software. Many commercial acoustical measurement systems use software algorithms as an integral component; however the methods are not disclosed. This book enables the reader to develop useful algorithms and provides insight into the use of digital audio editing tools to document features in the signal. Topics covered include acoustical measurement principles, in-depth critical study of uncertainty applied to acoustical measurements, digital signal processing from the basics, and metrologically-oriented spectral and statistical analysis of signals.
The student will gain a deep understanding of the use of software for measurement purposes; the ability to implement software-based measurement systems; familiarity with the hardware necessary to acquire and store signals; an appreciation for the key issue of long-term preservation of signals; and a full grasp of the often neglected issue of uncertainty in acoustical measurements. Pedagogical features include in-text worked-out examples, end-of-chapter problems, a glossary of metrology terms, and extensive appendices covering statistics, proofs, additional examples, file formats, and underlying theory.
Digital Audio Editing
Digital Signal Processing
Basic Algorithms for Acoustical Measurements
Spectrum Analysis
Testing Digital Recorders
A: Glossary and Definitions on Metrology
B: Fundamentals of Statistics
C: Statistical Dispersion of the RMS Value of a Stationary Noise as a Function of the Integrating Time
D: Statistical Dispersion of the RMS Value of a Nonstationary Noise as a Function of the Integrating Time
E: Statistical Dispersion of Percentiles
F: Envelope of a Filtered Noise
G: Transient Response of a Third-Order Bandpass Filter
H: Combined Uncertainty
I: Example of Uncertainty Calculation in the Case of a Nonlinear Systematic Error
J: The Sampling Theorem
K: Structure of a FLAC File
L: Document Type Definition (DTD) for Audacity Project Files
M: Brief Description of Scilab
N: Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
O: Parseval’s Identity and Symmetry of the DFT
P: Spectrum of Window Functions
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