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Sushil Singh T.P., Kulkarni Anand J. (Eds.) Flexibility in Resource Management

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Sushil Singh T.P., Kulkarni Anand J. (Eds.) Flexibility in Resource Management
Springer Singapore, 2018. — 226 p. — ISBN 978-981-10-4887-6.
This book provides a conceptual ‘Flexibility in Resource Management’ framework supported by research/case applications in various related areas. It links and integrates the flexibility aspect with resource management to offer a fresh perspective, since flexibility in different levels of resource management is emerging as a key concern -- a business enterprise needs to have reactive flexibility (as adaptiveness and responsiveness) to cope with the changing and uncertain business environment. It may also endeavor to intentionally create flexibility by way of leadership change, re-engineering, innovation in products and processes, use of information and communication technology, and so on.
The selected papers discussing a variety of issues concerning flexibility in resource management, are organized into following four parts: flexibility and innovation; flexibility in organizational management; operations and technology management; and financial and risk management. In addition to addressing the organizational needs of corporate bodies spread across the globe, the book serves as a useful reference resource for a variety of audiences including management students, researchers, business managers, consultants and professional institutes.
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