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The 2nd Congress of the Communist International as reported and interpreted by the official newspapers of Soviet Russia

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The 2nd Congress of the Communist International as reported and interpreted by the official newspapers of Soviet Russia
Washinghton: Government Printing Office, 1920. — 166 p.
This memorandum consists of direct translations from the official newspapers of Soviet Russia concerning the Congress of the Communist International, which was held in Petrograd and Moscow from July 19 to August 7, 1920. An earlier memorandum, prepared in the Russian Divisionof the Department of State, showed the close interrelationship between the Bolshevist Party, the Russian Soviets, and this Communist International. The material submitted herewith emphasizes the fact that these organizations are, in reality, but three phases of the same movement. Attention is called to the prominent part played in this Congress, which the speakers often boastfully refer to as "the General Staff of the World Revolution," by the acknowledged administrative heads of the Russian Soviets. In their role as leaders of the Soviets they attempt to establish H normal " relations with governments, while in their role as Communist Revolutionists, and as general managers of the "General Staff of World Revolution," they conspire to wreck the same. The memorandum is divided into two distinct sections: (1) "A Bolshevist Report on the 2d Congress of the Communist International," and (2) "The Bolshevist Interpretation of the 2d Congress of the Communist International." The first section is a full translation of the reports of the proceedings of this Congress, which were published in the Pravda of Petrograd. The Petrograd Pravda has been chosen as the basis of the first section because the Department has received an almost complete file for the period of the Congress. In the few cases where numbers of the Pravda are lacking, the fact is clearly indicated and translations for those days are made from the Izvestia of Moscow. Also, in several instances the Moscow Izvestia printed longer summaries of speeches than the Petrograd Pravda had room for. In such cases the additional material is presented in footnotes. Comparison with other newspapers of the same dates indicates that i he summary reports of the proceedings of the Congress here presented were distributed by the Uihcial acws Agency, Kosta, a central Soviet monopoly, and that they were printed in practically the same form in all of the larger newspapers of Soviet Russia.
The second section is a selection from an embarrassingly large number of signed articles and editorial comments in the Soviet newspapers giving the Bolshevist interpretation of the meaning and results of this Congress. The translations have been chosen because of the prominence of the writers, the special interest of the subject to American readers, or the influence of the periodical in which they appeared. The newspapers from which translations have been made are: (1) The Moscow Izvestia, official organ of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of Soviets; (2) The Moscow Pravda, oflicial organ of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks); (3) The Petrograd Izvestia, official organ of the Petrograd Soviet; (4) The Petrograd Pravda, official organ of the Petrograd Committee of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks); (5) Economic Life, ollicial organ ot the Supreme Council of National Economy ami of the People's Commissariats of Finance, Supplies, and Foreign Trude; (6) and (7) The Village Commune and The Krasnaya Gazeta, official publications of the Petrograd Soviet in popular language for the peasants and city workmen; and, finally, (8) The Communist International, a special newspaper of a single issue, July 19, 1920, the day of the opening of the Congress in Petrograd. It was prepared by the editorial staffs of the oflicial Petrograd newspapers. An effort has been made to present such selections as will indicate the significance attached to this Congress by the Bolsheviks themselves.
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