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Hagerman Andrew. The Essential Pro Tools

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Hagerman Andrew. The Essential Pro Tools
GenGage, 2015. — 244 p. — ISBN-13 978-1-285-84824-2.
Pro Tools is the essential audio software for musicians, producers, sound designers, game developers, and film-makers around the world. The Essential Pro Tools is your best source for learning the fundamentals of this exciting, powerful program. Author, trainer, and Pro Tools expert Andy Hagerman is your guide in this unique e-book. His clear approach to Pro Tool's essential processes--from the basics of recording through editing and mixing--features plenty of supportive examples and illustrations and will have you up to speed quickly. Exercise sections offer hands-on experience to help drive the lessons home. And, taking full advantage of the platform, the e-book also features video tutorials and examples that reinforce the lessons you're learning. Get The Essential Pro Tools and start building your Pro Tools expertise today.
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