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McMillan Gregory K., Considine Douglas M. Process / Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook

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McMillan Gregory K., Considine Douglas M. Process / Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook
5th edition. — McGraw-Hill, 1999. — 1325 p.
This handbook has been designed for the practitioner who needs to apply instrumentation and control systems in industry.
Introductory Review.
Control System Fundamentals
Control Principles.
Techniques for Process Control.
Basic Control Algorithms.
Safety in Instrumentation and Control Systems.
Distributed Control Systems.
Programmable Controllers.
Stand-Alone Controllers.
Hydraulic Controllers.
Batch Process Control.
Automatic Blending Systems.
Distributed Numerical Control and Networking.
Computers and Controls.
Manufacturing Message Specification.
Field-Based Systems.
Process Variables—Field Instrumentation.
Temperature Systems.
Fluid Pressure Systems.
Industrial Weighing and Density Systems.
Humidity and Moisture Systems.
Geometric and Motion Sensors.
Metrology, Position, Displacement, Thickness and Surface Texture Measurement.
Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors.
Object Detectors and Machine Vision.
Flat Web (Sheet) Measurement and Control.
Speed, Velocity and Acceleration Instrumentation.
Vibration Measurement.
Real-time Analytical Composition Measurements for Input to Process Control.
Concentration Measurement Technology and Devices.
PH Measurement: Theory and Reality.
Optical Concentration Transducers.
Ultraviolet/Visible Absorption Analysis.
Sample Extraction, Conditioning, and Preparation for On-Line Flow versus Discrete Sampling).
System Control and Managing Data.
Calibration and Validation.
Application Examples.
Control communications.
Data Signal Handling in Computerized Systems.
Noise and Wiring in Data Signal Handling.
Industrial Control Networks.
Operator Interface.
Operator Interface—Design Rationale.
Cognitive Skills and Process Control.
Display Architecture.
Knowledge-Based Operator Training.
Intelligent Alarms.
Valves, Servos, Motors, and Rob.
Process Control Valves.
Control Value Cavitation: An Overview.
Control Valve Noise.
Servomotor Technology in Motion Control Systems.
Solid-State Variable Speed Drives.
Current-to-Pressure Transducers for Control-Valve Actuation.
Process Control Improvement.
World-Class Manufacturing.
Plant Analysis, Design, and Tuning for Uniform Manufacturing Control Valve Response.
Process Impact.
Best Practices, Tools, and Techniques to Reduce.
The Maintenance Costs of Field Instrumentation.
New Developments in Analytical Measurements.
Fundamentals of the Quantitative NMR.
The Improvement of Advanced Regulatory Control Systems.
Multivariable Predictive Control and Real-time Optimization.
Neural Networks.
Standards Overview.
Safety Instrumented (Interlock) Systems.
An Overview of the Isa/IEC Fieldbus.
Batch Control: Applying the S88.01 Standard.
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