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伊原 達矢、角丸 つぶら. 萌えキャラクターの描き方 コスチューム編 Ихара Тацуя, Цумагару Цубару. Как рисовать персонажей Моэ. Костюмы

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伊原 達矢 角丸 つぶら. 萌えキャラクターの描き方 コスチューム編 Ихара Тацуя, Цумагару Цубару. Как рисовать персонажей Моэ. Костюмы
ホビージャパン,2011. — 179ページ — ISBN: 978-4798602097
Hobby Japan, 2011. — 179 p.
また、「オリジナルキャラクターを作ろう!」のコーナーでは、同じキャラクターでも「変身」すると……? というテーマで5タイプを紹介しています。
Likely to be used in the writing of clothing Moe characters have been described.
To each garment is, and how to write front, side and rear poses several types likely to be used in clothes that have been posted, you know well how to write wrinkles basic in his clothes as well as writing of clothes .
Before the description of each garment is also because it is basic explanation of wrinkles,
It also helps to know how can the wrinkles.
Illustrations of various types have been included because they are better explanation of many illustrators.
Point is also recommended to come see the characters and costumes by Moe want to write their own illustrations and compare close to the taste, the illustrations do not.
The clothing of your choice and write or place it against your favorite costume and relatively even do not like the costume have a description of the wrinkles.
The method of coloring also listed using Photoshop I have been also described in detail how to write hair, number of pages is small.
Those who are trying to write the character Moe seems now, it is recommended that the same series is to be purchased along with the guide, "How to write characters face and body" Moe.
Recommend have know the basic contours of the face, because here are listed writing and face from various angles, and writing body, hands and feet, because the work is applied when writing the character Moe various is!
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