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Burner A. CSS for Dummies: Learn CSS 3.0 in 30 Minutes

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Burner A. CSS for Dummies: Learn CSS 3.0 in 30 Minutes
Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2017. — 11 p. — ASIN B0746LGKPJ.
Cascading Style Sheets, widely referred as CSS, is one of the most popular web design languages for web content presentation. Hence, it is considered to be the building blocks of web development. Thus, if you are planning to be a web developer, especially front end web developer, learning html an css is a must. Moreover, since CSS literally requires no coding skill and knowing CSS can be an amazing tool to have in one's skill-set.
I have tried to prepare this book as a CSS guide for beginners where CSS version 3 (CSS3) is considered. Therefore, if knowing CSS3 has been on your to-do list, why don't you take thirty minutes and read the book. However, since CSS is used to style HTML tag based web content, I have also discussed on HTML and HTML tags in the first chapter. Hence, those having fundamentals on HTML or even no understanding of HTML, this book can be a great help to start playing with CSS3.
Similar to web design for dummies, this book titled CSS for dummies aims to be a good resource for any beginner in web development industry. I hope you will enjoy this journey.
The ToC is as follows:
Getting Started with HTML,
Getting Started with CSS,
Scratch Page Layout,
The Box Model,
HTML and CSS Scripts.
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