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Candler C. Atomic Spectra & The vector model (2nd.ed.)

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Candler C. Atomic Spectra & The vector model (2nd.ed.)
D. Van Nostrand Co. Inc. 1964
Of the first edition an Oxford lecturer once kindly remarked when I was visiting the Clarendon Laboratory: "Atomic Spectra is the only book that really gives the facts". If that is still true, a second edition needs no further justification.
A dozen physicists use the spectrograph for every one who is interested in the theory of atomic energy states. Yet the dozen must frequently consult the Atomic Energy Levels compiled at the National Bureau of Standards, Washington. In particular, a spectrochemist will often wish to make a rational choice of an analysis line and to avoid lines showing self-reversal.
A book for such as these is best confined to a framework on which the immensely complicated facts may be hung, and this framework can only be the vector model. Accordingly, the vector model is used throughout and the argument is everywhere inductive. This approach ensures that the description remains within the easy comprehension of every working physicist, and compels the author to present the experimental facts, a discipline often antipathetic to one long a master of the field. Indeed I may admit that this discipline would not come easily today.
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