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Seckbach J. Life As we Know It

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Seckbach J. Life As we Know It
New York: Springer, 2006. — 714 p.
Brief Introduction
List of Authors and their Addresses
Biodiversity and Extremophiles
The Extremophiles: Diversity of Life Environments
Prokaryotic Life
The Algae–Diverse Life Forms and Global Importance
Fungal Lives
Life in Saline and Hypersaline Environments
Thermophilic Communities as Autonomous Ecosystems
Life in Ice
Life under Pressure: Deep-Sea Microbial Ecology
The Evolution of Life on Earth and in the Universe
Early Precursors of Life in the Solar Nebula
Is Life on Earth Accidental? Natural Selection and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
From the Minimal Genome to the Minimal Cell: Theoretical and Experimental Investigations
Numerical Analysis of Biocomplexity
Hepatitis B Virus Conjectures on Human Interactions and Origin of Life
The Record of Early Life: In Search of Biosignatures
Ground Truth: The Epistemology of Searching for the Earliest Life on Earth
Eukaryogenesis: The Origin of the Eukaryotes
Symbiotic: Forms of Life
Symbiosis: The Way of All Life
Can There be a Limit on the Complexity of Life?
Evolution of Intelligence
The Destiny of Life in the Universe
Searching Other Worlds for Life as We Know It
The Role of Comets and Meteorites in the Origin of Life
Astronomical Constraints for Life on Terrestrial Planets
Prerequisites for the Evolution of Life on Exoplanets
Life as an Unfolding Biocosmos
We Have Not Detected Extraterrestrial Life, Or Have We?
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
An Alternative Method for the Scientific Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life: The "Local SETI"
Destinies of the Universe and Life: The Final Frontiers of Cosmology and Astrobiology
Destiny of Life and Religious Attitudes
Artificial Life
Life in the Universe: Philosophical and Theological Issues
Afterlife in Moshe Maimondes's thought
Science and Religion: Some Suggestions for Conceptual Harmonizing Constraints
Understanding the Nature of Life: A Matter of Definition or Theory?
"And You Shall Choose Life"
When Form Outlasts Its Medium: A Definition of Life Integrating Platonism and Thermodynamics
Epistemological Pluralism: Realities as Species-Specific Interpretations of the Material World
Temperature Gradients as a Major Impetus: Driving Prebiotic Evolution
Life during Clinical Death: The "Near Death Experience" Phenomenon
Beauty in Nature
All Things Bright and Beautiful: The Hidden Cosmos of Microscopic Planktonic Algae
Life and Sports: Musings of a Pro Athlete
Artificial Life: From Life-As-We-Know-It to Life-As It-Could Be
Life-Cycles of Life
What Do We Call Life? A Brief Outlook on Life
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