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D’Souza E. Macroeconomics

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D’Souza E. Macroeconomics
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2009. — 512 p. — ISBN-10: 8131708187; ISBN-13: 978-8131708187.
Macroeconomics helps students realize the connections between theoretical frameworks and the actual behaviour of the economy; enables instructors to teach macroeconomics concepts within the context of both the Indian and global economy; and provides policymakers with material from current research in macroeconomics. It analyses macroeconomic thought in terms of the intuition and underlying logic. The book enables readers to think independently about real-world situations and focuses on the most current and relevant issues.
Macroeconomics—What Is It About?
Savings, the Balance of Payments, and the Money Supply
The Trade Balance and Exchange Rates
The Demand for Money
The Labour Market
The IS-LM Model
Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
More on Unemployment
Open Economy: The Mundell-Fleming Model
Stabilization and Government Deficits
Monetary Policy Objectives and Targets
Economic Growth
Recent Development in Macroeconomics
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