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Berwick K. Computational Physics using MATLAB

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Berwick K. Computational Physics using MATLAB
West Lafayette: Kevin Berwick, 2010. - 103 p.
From author:
"I came across the book, ‘Computational Physics’, in the library here in the Dublin Institute of Technology in early 2012. Although I was only looking for one, quite specific piece of information, I had a quick look at the Contents page and decided it was worth a more detailed examination. I hadn’t looked at using numerical methods since leaving College almost a quarter century ago. I cannot remember much attention being paid to the fact that this stuff was meant to be done on a computer, presumably since desktop computers were still a bit of a novelty back then. And while all the usual methods, Euler, Runge-Kutta and others were covered, we didn’t cover applications in much depth at all.
It is very difficult to anticipate what will trigger an individual’s intellectual curiosity but this book certainly gripped me. The applications were particularly well chosen and interesting. Since then, I have been working through the exercises intermittently for my own interest and have documented my efforts in this book, still a work in progress. Coincidentally, I had started to use MATLAB for teaching several other subjects around this time. MATLAB allows you to develop mathematical models quickly, using powerful language constructs, and is used in almost every Engineering School on Earth. MATLAB has a particular strength in data visualisation, making it ideal for use for implementing the algorithms in this book."
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