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Amelung V., Stein V., Goodwin N., Balicer R., Nolte E., Suter E. (eds.) Handbook Integrated Care

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Amelung V., Stein V., Goodwin N., Balicer R., Nolte E., Suter E. (eds.) Handbook Integrated Care
Springer International Publishing AG, 2017. — 578 p. — ISBN 3319561014.
This handbook gives profound insight into the main ideas and concepts of integrated care. It offers a managed care perspective with a focus on patient orientation, efficiency, and quality by applying widely recognized management approaches to the field of health care.
The handbook also provides international best practices and shows how integrated care does work throughout various health systems. .
What Is Integrated Care?
Evidence Supporting Integrated Care.
Patients Preferences.
Case-Managers and Integrated Care.
Disease Management.
Discharge and Transition Management in Integrated Care.
Mobile Sensors and Wearable Technology.
Data Integration in Health Care.
Strategic Management and Integrated Care in a Competitive Environment.
Governance and Accountability.
Financing and Reimbursement.
Integrated Care and the Health Workforce.
Leadership in Integrated Care.
Culture and Values.
Change Management.
How to Make a Service Sustainable? An Active Learning Simulation Approach to Business Model Development for Integrated Care.
Evaluating Complex Interventions.
Economic Evaluation of Integrated Care.
Claims Data for Evaluation.
Integrated Care for Frail Older People Suffering from Dementia and Multi-morbidity.
Physical and Mental Health.
Integrated Palliative and End-of-Life Care.
Rare Diseases.
Pathways in Transplantation Medicine: Challenges in Overcoming Interfaces Between Cross-Sectoral Care Structures.
Integrated Care Concerning Mass Casualty Incidents/Disasters: Lessons Learned from Implementation in Israel.
Integrated Care for People with Intellectual Disability.
Integrated Care for Older Patients: Geriatrics.
Canada: Application of a Coordinated-Type Integration Model for Vulnerable Older People in Québec: The PRISMA Project.
Germany: Evolution and Scaling Up of the Population-Based Integrated Health Care System “Healthy Kinzigtal”.
USA: Innovative Payment and Care Delivery Models—Accountable Care Organizations.
Netherlands: The Potentials of Integrating Care via Payment Reforms.
New Zealand: Canterbury Tales.
Israel: Structural and Functional Integration at the Israeli Healthcare System.
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