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Cusick T.W., Stanica P. Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications

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Cusick T.W., Stanica P. Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications
Second Edition. — Academic Press, 2017. — 283 p. — ISBN: 978-0-12-811129-1.
This book, Second Edition is designed to be a comprehensive reference for the use of Boolean functions in modern cryptography. While the vast majority of research on cryptographic Boolean functions has been achieved since the 1970s, when cryptography began to be widely used in everyday transactions, in particular banking, relevant material is scattered over hundreds of journal articles, conference proceedings, books, reports and notes, some of them only available online.
This book follows the previous edition in sifting through this compendium and gathering the most significant information in one concise reference book. The work therefore encompasses over 600 citations, covering every aspect of the applications of cryptographic Boolean functions.
Since 2008, the subject has seen a very large number of new results, and in response, the authors have prepared a new chapter on special functions. The new edition brings 100 completely new references and an expansion of 50 new pages, along with heavy revision throughout the text.
Presents a foundational approach, beginning with the basics of the necessary theory, then progressing to more complex content
Includes major concepts that are presented with complete proofs, with an emphasis on how they can be applied
Includes an extensive list of references, including 100 new to this edition that were chosen to highlight relevant topics
Contains a section on special functions and all-new numerical examples
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