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Larsen Gunnar, Chilingar George V. (eds.) Diagenesis in Sediments

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Larsen Gunnar, Chilingar George V. (eds.) Diagenesis in Sediments
Elsevier, 1967. — 541 p. — (Developments in Sedimentology 8).
The term “diagenesis” is almost a hundred years old. It was introduced by Von Guembeil in 1868 as a designation for processes which act on the sediments after deposition (for details see Amstutz and Bubbnicek, 1967). Thus the recognition of the processes of diagenesis is not new; however, the knowledge about diagenesis
has been quite insufficient until the last few years. For example, less than 15 years ago Trask (1951) in the survey “Dynamics of sedimentation” had to state that the processes of diagenesis were not well understood. In the paper “Diagenesis”, Sujkowski (1958, paper prepared in 1954) opened the introduction with the following sentence: “Few important problems in geology have been so little studied as diagenesis.” Since then, however, the insight into this particular field of lithogenesis has progressed rapidly; and the amount of literature on diagenesis has rapidly multiplied during the last decade.
This rapid progress and the appearance of an extensive literature on thesubject have created a natural qeed for a survey of the present-day knowledge on diagenesis. Inasmuch as the present book Diagenesis in Sediments is published almost a hundred years after the introduction of the concept of diagenesis, it marks the centenary of this event.
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