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Silver Jerry. 125 Physics Projects for the Evil Genius

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Silver Jerry. 125 Physics Projects for the Evil Genius
McGraw-Hill Education, 2009. — 352 p. — ISBN 0071621318.
125 Wickedly Fun Ways to Test the Laws of Physics!
Now you can prove your knowledge of physics without expending a lot of energy. 125 Physics Projects for the Evil Genius is filled with hands-on explorations into key areas of this fascinating field. Best of all, these experiments can be performed without a formal lab, a large budget, or years of technical experience!
Using easy-to-find parts and tools, this do-it-yourself guide offers a wide variety of physics experiments you can accomplish on your own. Topics covered include motion, gravity, energy, sound, light, heat, electricity, and more. Each of the projects in this unique guide includes parameters, a detailed methodology, expected results, and an explanation of why the experiment works. 125 Physics Projects for the Evil Genius:
Features step-by-step instructions for 125 challenging and fun physics experiments, complete with helpful illustrations
Allows you to customize each experiment for your purposes
Includes details on the underlying principles behind each experiment
Removes the frustration factor–all required parts are listed, along with sources
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