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Aski Janice, Musumeci Diane. Avanti!: Beginning Italian

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Aski Janice, Musumeci Diane. Avanti!: Beginning Italian
McGraw-Hill, 2017. — 583 p. — ISBN 0077736443.
As the fastest growing introductory Italian title, Avanti! Beginning Italian continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of instructors and students. Professors are offering more hybrid and online courses, technology is providing functionality we could not envision just a few years ago, and the types of students we teach are ever-changing. Thus, in planning the fourth-edition revision, it was critical to retain the best parts of our program while responding to the changes around us.
The title Avanti! conveys the forward-thinking approach of this program, which is designed to guide experienced and inexperienced instructors in creating a truly communicative, interactive environment for their students. In preparation for this edition, we employed a wide array of market research tools to identify a number of areas for digital innovation. As a direct result of our research, this new edition offers McGraw-Hill’s Connect™ and LearnSmart™ with their game-changing, adaptive, and digital learning resources. These powerful, digital tools, now an integral part of the fourth edition, complement and support the goals of the Avanti! program and address the needs of the evolving Introductory Italian course.
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