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Bouma A.H., Brouwer A. (eds.) Turbidites

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Bouma A.H., Brouwer A. (eds.) Turbidites
Elsevier, 1964. — 266 p. — (Developments in Sedimentology 3).
Few terms recently introduced into the geologists’ jargon seem to have been so easily and so generally incorporated as the term “turbidite”. This is certainly a remarkable phenomenon since many geologists are usually reluctant to denote sedimentary rocks by names that are so obviously related to origin. One possible explanation is that rocks with turbidite characteristics are of widespread occurrence, and can easily be recognized in the field once attention has been directed towards their diagnostic features. Still, notwithstanding the genetical significance of the term, many problems related to both the mode of origin and to the environmental conditions favourable to their formation, remain unsolved.
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