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Schilling E.G., Neubauer D.V. Acceptance Sampling in Quality Control

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Schilling E.G., Neubauer D.V. Acceptance Sampling in Quality Control
3rd Edition. — CRC Press, 2017. — 883 p. — (Statistics: Textbooks and Monographs 42). — ISBN-13 978-1-4987-3357-1.
The methods of statistical acceptance sampling in business and industry are many and varied. They range from simple to profound, from practical to infeasible and naive. This book is intended to present some of the techniques of acceptance quality control that are best known and most practical—in a style that provides sufficient detail for the novice, while including enough theoretical background and reference material to satisfy the more discriminating and knowledgeable reader. The demands of such a goal have made it necessary to omit many worthwhile approaches; however, it is hoped the student of acceptance sampling will find sufficient material herein to form a basis for further explorations of the literature and methods of the field.
Probability and the Operating Characteristic Curve
Probability Functions.
Concepts and Terminology
Single Sampling by Attributes
Double and Multiple Sampling by Attributes
Sequential Sampling by Attributes
Variables Sampling for Process Parameter
Bulk Sampling.
Sampling by Variables for Proportion Nonconforming
Attributes Sampling Schemes
Variables Sampling Schemes
Special Plans and Procedures
Series of Lots: Rectification Schemes
Continuous Sampling Plans
Cumulative Results Plans
Compliance Sampling
Reliability Sampling
Administration of Acceptance Sampling
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