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Bronstein M., Grabmeier J., Weispfenning V. Symbolic Rewriting Techniques

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Bronstein M., Grabmeier J., Weispfenning V. Symbolic Rewriting Techniques
Springer, 1998. — 291 p.
Symbolic rewriting techniques are methods for deriving consequences from systems of equations, and are of great use when investigating the structure of the solutions. Such techniques appear in many important areas of research within computer algebra: the Knuth-Bendix completion for groups, monoids and general term-rewriting systems, the Buchberger algorithm for Grabner bases, the Ritt-Wu characteristic set method for ordinary differential equations, the Riquier-Janet method for partial differential equations.
This volume contains invited and contributed papers to the Symbolic Rewriting Techniques workshop, which was held in the Centro Stefano Franscini in Ascona, Switzerland, from April 30 to May 4, 1995. That workshop, organized together by the editors of this volume and Professor Erwin Engeler of the ETH Zurich, brought together 40 researchers from various areas of rewriting techniques, the main goal being the investigation of common threads and methods. Following the workshops, each contribution was formally refereed and 14 papers were selected for publication.
We are thankful to the Swiss national fund and the canton of Ticino, who sponsored the workshop through the Centro Stefano Franscini, as well as all the attendees, speakers, authors and reviewers. It is all your joint efforts that make such meetings and volumes happen.
Parallel Completion Techniques
The Computation of Grobner Bases Using an Alternative Algorithm
Symmetrization Based Completion
On the Reduction of G-invariant Polynomials for an Arbitrary Permutation Groups G
The Non-Commutaive Grobner Freaks
Alternatives in Implementing Noncommutative Gröbner Basis Systems
String Rewriting and Gröbner Bases - A General Approach to Monoid and Group Rings
Grabner Fans and Projective Schemes
Normalized Rewriting: A Unified View of Knuth-Bendix Completion and Grobner Bases Computation
New Directions for Syntactic Termination Orderings
Two-sided Gröbner Bases in Iterated Ore Extensions
Computing the Torsion Group of Elliptic Curves by the Method of Grobner Bases
Finding a Finite Group presentation Using Rewriting
Deciding Degree-Four-Identities for Alternative Rings by Rewriting
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