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Hickey J.V., Brosnan C.A. (Eds.) Evaluation of Health Care Quality for DNPs

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Hickey J.V., Brosnan C.A. (Eds.) Evaluation of Health Care Quality for DNPs
2nd Edition. — Springer Publishing Company, LLC. — 2017. — 338 p. — ISBN-10: 0826131573.
This is the only nursing text to facilitate the achievement by Doctor of Nursing Practice graduates (DNPs) s of the highest possible competency inconducting systematic and in-depth evaluations of all aspects of health care. The second edition of this award-winning text keeps pace with the rapidlyevolving health care market by presenting a more comprehensive range of evaluation strategies for analyzing quality, safety, and value in health carepractice and programs, with an emphasis on conducting, interpreting, and disseminating findings. It includes three new chapters addressing evaluation andoutcomes, program evaluation, quality improvement, and reporting and disseminating the results.
Based on the best evidence-based practices, the book provides DNPs with in-depth information on the conceptual basis of evaluation, its application as an integral part of contemporary health care delivery, and resources and methodology for evaluation of practice outcomes. It includes a critical examination of the characteristics, sources, and
quality of the nature of evidence and presents several different evaluation models, including those that focus on economic evaluation. The evaluation of organizations, systems, and standards for practice is covered in detail, along with the evaluation of populations and health care teams, particularly interdisciplinary collaborative health teams. Also addressed is the process for translating outcomes from evaluation into health care policy, as well as opportunities for advocacy and leadership. Numerous examples and case studies illustrate concepts.
Underpinnings of Evaluation
Evaluation and DNPs: The Mandate for Evaluation
The Nature of Evidence as a Basis for Evaluation
Conceptual Models for Evaluation in Advanced Nursing Practice
Evaluation and Outcomes
Economic Evaluation
Special Areas of Evaluation in Health Care
Evaluation of Organizations and Systems
Evaluation of Health Care Information Systems and Patient Care Technology
Program Evaluation
Quality Improvement
Evaluation of Patient Care Based on Standards, Guidelines, and Protocols
Health Care Teams
Evaluation of Populations and Health Policy
Evaluating Populations and Population Health
Translating Outcomes From Evaluation to Health Policy
Future Trends and Challenges in Evaluation
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