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Tadjer A., Pavlov R., Maruani J., Brändas E.J., Delgado-Barrio G. (Eds.) Quantum Systems in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology: Advances in Concepts and Applications

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Tadjer A., Pavlov R., Maruani J., Brändas E.J., Delgado-Barrio G. (Eds.) Quantum Systems in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology: Advances in Concepts and Applications
Springer International Publishing AG, 2017. — 469 p. — (Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics 30) — ISBN: 9783319502540.
This book reviews the most significant developments in quantum methodology applied to a broad variety of problems in chemistry, physics, and biology. In particular, it discusses atomic and molecular structure, dynamics and spectroscopy as well as applications of quantum theory to biological and condensed matter systems.
The volume contains twenty-four selected, peer-reviewed contributions based on the presentations given at the Twentieth International Workshop on Quantum Systems in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology (QSCP-XX), held in Varna, Bulgaria, in September 2015. It is divided into five sections containing the most relevant papers written by leading experts in the fields.
This book will appeal to advanced graduate students, researchers, and academics involved in theoretical, quantum or statistical and computational chemical physics and physical chemistry.
Table of contents
Towards the Inclusion of Dissipative Effects in Quantum Time-Dependent Mean-Field Theories
On the Ordering of Orbital Energies in the ROHF Method: Koopmans’ Theorem versus Aufbau Principle
Spin Effects in sp 2 Nanocarbons in the Light of Unrestricted Hartree-Fock Approach and Spin-Orbit Coupling Theory
Population Analyses Based on Ionic Partition of Overlap Distributions
Topological Quantum Computation with Non-Abelian Anyons in Fractional Quantum Hall States
Dimer Interacting with He Atoms: Quantum Structures of Small Clusters and Reactive Scattering Calculations Rb + RbHe + He at Ultralow and Intermediate Energies
Water Structuring at Non-Polar Fluid Interfaces
Molecular Design of Organometallic Materials: Effect of the Metallophilic Interactions, Ligand, Metal, and Oxidation State
Electrodynamical and Quantum Chemical Modelling of Electrochemical and Catalytic Processes on Metals and Semiconductors: A Review
Non-Linear Chaotic Dynamics of Quantum Systems: Molecules in an Electromagnetic Field and Laser Systems
Landau Quantisation of Electron Motion in the Crust of Highly Magnetised Neutron Stars
Electronic and Nuclear Dynamics for a Non-Equilibrium Electronic State: The Ultrafast Pumping of N2
On the Inter-Ring Torsion Potential of 2,2′-Bithiophene: A Review of Open Problems and Current Proposals
Theoretical Exploration of the Vibrational Structure and IVR of S0 Thiophosgene at High Excitation Energies
Why is the “Donor-Acceptor” Stretching a sine qua non in Understanding the Vibrational Signatures of Ionic Hydrogen Bonds?
Relativistic Many-Body Perturbation Theory Calculations of the Hyperfine Structure and Oscillator Strength Parameters for Some Heavy Element Atoms and Ions
Effects of Isotope Characteristics on the Electron System Ground State Energy of Helium-Like Ions
Computational Study of Michellamines: Naphthylisoquinoline Alkaloids with Anti-HIV Activity
Integrated Computational Studies on Mutational Effects of a Nylon-Degrading Enzyme
Damage Induced by Proton Collisions on Building Blocks of Life
How Can the Green Sulfur Bacteria in the Depths of the Black Sea Use Quantum Computing for Light Harvesting?
The Dirac Operator in Quantum Chemistry and Physics
A Coherent Resonant Cosmology Approach and its Implications in Microphysics and Biophysics
The Origin and Evolution of Complex Enough Systems in Biology
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