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Seltzer Beth. 101 + Careers in Public Health

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Seltzer Beth. 101 + Careers in Public Health
2nd Ed. — Springer Publishing Company, 2015. — 519 p. — ISBN 10 0826195989, ISBN 13 978-0826195982.
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In just the past few years, interest in public health careers has soared. Public health degrees are more popular than ever—but what opportunities are outthere once you?ve earned that MPH? And do you have to have a degree in public health to break into this field? This updated and revised second edition of101+ Careers in Public Health provides an extensive overview of the numerous and diverse career options available and the many different roads to achievingthem. It includes both familiar public health careers and emerging opportunities. New to the second edition are public health careers in the military,public health and aging, and careers in cutting-edge areas such as nanotechnology and public health genetics. Readers will learn about modern approaches topublic health programs, including the evolving study of implementation science and the increased role of community participatory research.
The second edition also presents expanded information on getting started in public health, including the increasingly popular field of global health.Included are descriptions of careers in disease prevention, environmental health, disaster preparedness, nutrition, education, public safety, and manymore. Whether you are a student who wants to launch a career or a professional looking to change careers, this guide offers a straightforward introductionto the public health field. It details the training, salary ranges, and degree requirements for each job and alerts readers to alternative pathways beyondthe traditional MPH.
Includes a detailed guide to educational paths, options, and training requirements at the bachelor?s, master?s, and PhD levels
Offers guidance on navigating the job market through both traditional and nontraditional pathways
Provides tips on landing the job you want
Includes interviews with public health professionals who offer details of their day-to-day lives on the job
Helps job seekers just starting out and those interested in career change.
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