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Srinivasan S. (Ed.) Guide to Big Data Applications

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Srinivasan S. (Ed.) Guide to Big Data Applications
Springer International Publishing AG, 2018. — 567 p. — (Studies in Big Data 26) — ISBN: 3319538160.
This handbook brings together a variety of approaches to the uses of big data in multiple fields, primarily science, medicine, and business. This single resource features contributions from researchers around the world from a variety of fields, where they share their findings and experience. This book is intended to help spur further innovation in big data.
The research is presented in a way that allows readers, regardless of their field of study, to learn from how applications have proven successful and how similar applications could be used in their own field. Contributions stem from researchers in fields such as physics, biology, energy, healthcare, and business. The contributors also discuss important topics such as fraud detection, privacy implications, legal perspectives, and ethical handling of big data.
Strategic Applications of Big Data
Start with Privacy by Design in All Big Data Applications
Privacy Preserving Federated Big Data Analysis
Word Embedding for Understanding Natural Language: A Survey
Applications in Science
Big Data Solutions to Interpreting Complex Systems in the Environment
High Performance Computing and Big Data
Managing Uncertainty in Large-Scale Inversions for the Oil and Gas Industry with Big Data
Big Data in Oil & Gas and Petrophysics
Friendship Paradoxes on Quora
Deduplication Practices for Multimedia Data in the Cloud
Privacy-Aware Search and Computation Over Encrypted Data Stores
Civil Infrastructure Serviceability Evaluation Based on Big Data
Applications in Medicine
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Chaos and Big Data: A Case Study of Epileptic Seizure Prediction and Control
Big Data to Big Knowledge for Next Generation Medicine: A Data Science Roadmap
Time-Based Comorbidity in Patients Diagnosed with Tobacco Use Disorder
The Impact of Big Data on the Physician
Applications in Business
The Potential of Big Data in Banking
Marketing Applications Using Big Data
Does Yelp Matter? Analyzing (And Guide to Using) Ratings for a Quick Serve Restaurant Chain
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