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Hsu C.S. (ed.). Analytical Advances for Hydrocarbon Research

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Hsu C.S. (ed.). Analytical Advances for Hydrocarbon Research
[Modern Analytical Chemistry] — Springer, 2003 — 463 pages — ISBN: 9781461348405.
Determining the composition and properties of complex hydrocarbon mixtures in petroleum, synthetic fuels, and petrochemical products usually requires a battery of analytical techniques that detect and measure specific features of the molecules, such as boiling point, mass, nuclear magnetic resonance frequencies, etc. there have always been a need for new and improved analytical technology to better understand hydrocarbon chemistry and processes. This book provides an overview of recent advances and future challenges in modern analytical techniques that are commonly used in hydrocarbon applications. Experts in each of the areas covered have reviewed the state of the art, thus creating a book that will be useful to readers at all levels in academic, industry, and research institutions.
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