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Paradkar Sameer. Mastering Non-Functional Requirements

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Paradkar Sameer. Mastering Non-Functional Requirements
Packt Publishing, 2017. — 230 p. — ISBN-13 9781788299237.
This book covers the most critical 24 NFRs that are applicable to IT applications and systems.
Non-functional Requirements are key to any software/IT program and cannot be overlooked or ignored. This book provides a comprehensive approach to the analysis, architecture, and measurement of NFRs. It includes considerations for bespoke Java, .NET, and COTS applications that are applicable to IT applications/systems in different domains.
The book outlines the methodology for capturing the NFRs and also describes a framework that can be leveraged by analysts and architects for tackling NFRs for various engagements.
This book starts off by explaining the various KPIs, taxonomies, and methods for identifying NFRs. Learn the design guidelines for architecting applications and systems relating to NFRs and design principles to achieve the desired outcome. We will then move on to various key tiers/layers and patterns pertaining to the business, database, and integrating tiers. After this, we will dive deep into the topics pertaining to techniques related to monitoring and measurement of NFRs, such as sizing, analytical modeling, and quality assurance.
Lastly, we end the book by describing some pivotal NFRs and checklists for the software quality attributes related to the business, application, data, and infrastructure domains.
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