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Chapman J.C. et al. Recent Developments in Yugoslav Archaeology

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Chapman J.C. et al. Recent Developments in Yugoslav Archaeology
Oxford: British Archaeological Reports, 1988. — 255 pp. — (BAR International Series 431). — ISBN 0-86054-556-3.
This volume is an extended conference report of a meeting of the same name, organized at the University of Bradford in December 1987. The meeting was attended by a large delegation from Yugoslavia, consisting of both scholars and research students, as well as a representative sample of British scholars specializing in Eastern European archaeological studies. The nature of the conference programme inevitably laid stress on the results of institutional collaboration between Yugoslav and British universities and museums, several of which currently bear fruit in fieldwork partnerships. The main chains in the present links between Yugoslavia and Britain are, on the Yugoslav side, Zadar, Ljubljana and Split and, on the British side, Newcastle upon Tyne and Bradford. It is a result of these connections and associated fieldwork that the three focus areas of the volume - Neothermal Dalmatia, Hvar and Slovenia - have been chosen. It should not, however, be concluded from the range of research presented here that other important archaeological studies are not being carried out in all other parts of the country.
Inroduction (John Chapman & John Bintliff).
The Neothermal Dalmatia Project.
The Neothermal Dalmatia Project - Archaeological survey results (John Chapman & Robert Shiel).
The extent of change in the agricultural landscape of Dalmatia, Yugoslavia, as a result of 7,000 years of land management (Robert Shiel & John Chapman).
The Neolithic animal husbandry of Smilcic and Nin (Charles Schwartz).
Dalmatian pottery: spots before the eyes (Karen Griffiths).
The potential for the analysis of Early Medieval pottery in Dalmatia (Huw Evans).
An ethno-archaeological study of pottery production on the Dalmatian island of Iz (Richard Carlton).
Ethnoarchaeology and Latinity in the mountains of the southern Velebit (John Nandris).
The 1982-1986 Ager Pharensis survey. Potentials and limitations of 'wall survey' in karstic environments (Bozidar Slapsak).
The Ager Pharensis / Hvar Project 1987 (John Bintliff & Vince Gaffney).
Maslinovik: a Greek watchtower in the Chora of Pharos. A preliminary report (Branko Kirigin & Petar Popovic).
A modular analysis of the field system of Pharos (Zoran Stancic & Bozidar Slapsak).
Mineralogical research on the Neolithic ceramic assemblage from Moverna Vas (Igor Klopcic).
The social context of the introduction of iron in the Early Iron Age of Slovenia (Phil Mason).
An interim report of survey work carried out at Sveti Jakob, a multi-period hilltop settlement above Dovsko (Senovo), Slovenia (Uros Bavec).
Coming down from the hills. A preliminary report on the intensive surface collection of a lowland Iron Age activity area in Slovenia (Phil Mason).
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