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Ouyang Y., Xu M., Yang L., Ouyang Y. (Eds.) Advanced Graphic Communications, Packaging Technology and Materials

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Ouyang Y., Xu M., Yang L., Ouyang Y. (Eds.) Advanced Graphic Communications, Packaging Technology and Materials
Springer Science+Business Media, Singapore, 2016. — 1009 p. — (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 369) — ISBN: 9789811000706.
This book includes a selection of reviewed papers presented at the 2015, 4th China Academic Conference on Printing and Packaging, which was held on October 22-24, 2015 in Hangzhou, China. The conference was jointly organized by the China Academy of Printing Technology, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, and Hangzhou Dianzi University. With 3 keynote talks and 200 presented papers on graphic communications, packaging technologies and materials, the conference attracted more than 400 scientists.
These proceedings cover the recent research outcomes on color science and technology, image-processing technology, digital-media technology, printing-engineering technology, packaging-engineering technology etc. They will be of interest to university researchers, R&D engineers and graduate students in graphic communications, packaging, color science, image science, materials science, computer science, digital media and network technology fields.
Table of contents
Comparing Skin Colours Between Different Skin Groups
The Colour Shifting of Measuring Human Skin Colour Use Different Instruments
Assessing Quality of Viewing Cabinets for Visual Inspection
Visual Assessment of CIE Illuminant Simulators
A Method for Reconstructing Surface Spectral Reflectance in Spectral Reproduction Workflow
Calibration of 3D Images in Terms of Spectral Reflectance
The Experimental Research of Color Measurements with Spectrophotometer
The Color Characteristic Model Based on Optimized BP Neural Network
The Model of Flexographic Spot-Color Matching Based on the Improved Kubelka–Munk Theory
Parameter Optimization Experiment for Soft Proofing
Research on Color Reproduction Based on Different Random Edition of IT8.7/4 Target
Digital Camera-Based Appearance Meter (AppMeter)
Research on Color Reproduction Ability of Mainstream Brand Mobile Phone
Investigation of Memory Colors of Chinese Observers
Prediction of Gray Balance Spectral Data in Digital Printing
The Research on Gravure Spot-Color-Matching Model
Neighborhood Similarity-Based Color Transfer Algorithm
Obtaining Absolute Scene Luminance Using HDR Imaging
Evaluation of Color Perception Among Different Aged Observers Based on Color Matching Experiments
Evaluation of the Color-difference Formulae for Neutral Colors
Gender Effects on Color Discrimination
Locate Color Tolerance for Mapping Mode Based on Human Visual and Color Difference Formula
The Effect of Different Monitors on Remote Soft Proofing
Color Difference Calculation of Prints for Machine Vision System
Application of Digital Watermarking Technology to Artistic Screening Image
Research on Description Method of Quasi-3D Appearance Data with Mathematical Surface Function
Improved Local Adaptive Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Lee Algorithm
Application of Matrix Rotating Screening in Halftone Information Hiding Technology
An Improved SIFT Algorithm Based on Invariant Gradient
Halftone Image Quality Evaluation Based on Reconstruction Index Model
The Comparison of Two Image Matching Algorithms Based on Real-Time Image Acquisition
Research on the Application of Image Enhancement Algorithms in Printing Defect Detection
A Method of Color Inverse Halftoning Image Quality Assessment Based on Image Structural Property
An Enhancement Method of Low-Contrast Chromatic Image Based on Adaptive Threshold
Research on the WebP Image Format
Comparing the Similarity of Image in Different Color Spaces
Study on Chromatic Modulation Transfer Function of Digital Camera
Extraction of Golden Area in Image Based on Region Growing
A SVD-Based Color Image Watermark Algorithm in DWT Domain
Watermarking Algorithm for Color Two-Dimensional Code Based on DCT-SVD
Research on Evaluating Method for Print Mottle Based on Digital Image Processing
Optimization of Multilevel Error Diffusion Based on Pixel Distribution
Visualization of Large-Size Model Based on Paper-Based 3D Printing
Physical Modeling of Topographic Maps by Paper-Based 3D Printer Using NSDTF-DEM Data
The Dynamic Display of Fractal Graphics on Computer
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