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Cimo Fabio. The Best Web Programming Languages to Learn

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Cimo Fabio. The Best Web Programming Languages to Learn
Exelixis Media P.C., 2016. — 24 p.
In this book, we inspect the most important aspect of the modern web, programming languages, which form the core of every single web page we see on the internet every day. Specifically, we’ll have a look at some of the best programming languages a developer should have knowledge of in order to make an impact on their lives (either personal or professional).
Programming Languages: An Introduction
Programming Languages Characteristics
What to consider when choosing a programming language?
HTML & CSS: The Fundamentals of Web Development
Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master
CSS Frameworks
What’s Coming?
Javascript: La Crème De La Crème
Complexity: It’s Everywhere
Javascript Frameworks: The Real Treasure
The Future of Javascript
Python: Invented for Productivity
Python Features
Powering Popular Sites
Ruby: Dynamic, Object Oriented and General-Purpose
Ruby on Rails
A General Overview
ASP: The New Era of Web Development
Perl: Practical Extraction and Report Language
Go: Open Source and Productive
Java: Last, but not Least
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