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Herron Donald A. Interpreter Sam Carries On

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Herron Donald A. Interpreter Sam Carries On
SEG Books, 2016. — (SEG Geophysical Monograph Series No. 20). — 124 p. — ISBN 1560803398, 9781560803393.
Interpreter Sam Carries On (SEG Geophysical Monograph Series No. 20) is a collection of the seventh through the fourteenth years of “Interpreter Sam” columns from The Leading Edge. It “carries on” with the stories of the fictitious Interpreter Sam, the sometimes hero, sometimes victim, and most often innocent bystander in circumstances typical of a seismic interpreter’s career in the oil and gas industry. As in the first Interpreter Sam volume, SEG Geophysical Monograph Series No. 15, each chapter of the book begins with a caricature of Sam (and others) created by the artist David Carman. In the epilogue, Sam presents three verses, based on the works of three well-known poets but adapted to the modern interpretation environment. This book extends the storytelling tradition of its predecessor; paraphrasing the noted paleontologist and historian of nature Stephen Jay Gould, it retells actual events as stories with the intent to interest and to instruct, and as such is appropriate for readers of all persuasions.
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