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Politis Gustavo G., Alberti Benjamin (eds). Archaeology in Latin America

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Politis Gustavo G., Alberti Benjamin (eds). Archaeology in Latin America
Routledge, 1999. — 300 pp. — ISBN 0-203-98481-1.
The archaeology of Latin America contains many unique features, both in focus and approach. This pioneering and comprehensive survey is the first overview of current themes in Latin American archaeology written solely by scholars native to the region, and it makes their collective expertise available to an Englishspeaking audience for the first time.
The contributors cover the most significant issues in the archaeology of Latin America, such as the domestication of camelids, the emergence of urban society in Mesoamerica, the frontier of the Inca Empire, and the relatively little-known archaeology of the Amazon Basin. Further subjects covered include huntergatherer studies, the political implications of the history of archaeology in Brazil, and the French theoretical influence on the region. The book also presents an account of Latin American social archaeology, probably the region’s best-known theoretical product.
This book draws together key areas of Latin American archaeological thought into a coherent whole; no other volume on this area has ever dealt with such a diverse range of subjects, and some of the countries examined have never before been the subject of a regional study. A unique achievement, it will be essential reading for everyone engaged in the study of this fascinating region.
Introduction: Latin American Archaeology: An Inside View (Gustavo G.Politis).
History and theory: the development of contemporary archaeology in Latin America.
Brazilian Archaeology: A Reappraisal (Pedro Paulo A.Funari).
Some Aspects of the French Influence upon Uruguayan and Brazilian Archaeology (José M.López Mazz).
Archaeology as a Social Science: Its Expression in Latin America (Iraida Vargas Arenas and Mario Sanoja).
The Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherers in South America: Recent History and New Directions (José Luis Lanata and Luis Alberto Borrero).
Key issues in Latin American archaeology.
The Emergence of Complex Urban Societies in Central Mexico: The Case of Teotihuacan (Linda Manzanilla).
The Domestication of Andean Camelids (Duccio Bonavia).
Early Modes of Life of the Indigenous Population of Northeastern Venezuela (Mario Sanoja and Iraida Vargas Arenas).
Tawantinsuyu: The Frontiers of the Inca Empire (Rodolfo Raffino and Rubén Stehberg).
New directions.
The Archaeological Culture of San Agustin: Towards a New Interpretation (César Velandia).
Changing Perspectives in Amazonian Archaeology (Eduardo G.Neves).
Pre-Columbian Metallurgy and Social Change: Two Case Studies from Colombia (Carl Henrik Langebaek R.).
Archaeology and Historical Multivocality: A Reflection from the Colombian Multicultural Context (Cristóbal Gnecco).
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