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Aoki T., Kanemitsu S., Nakahara M., Ohno Y. (Eds.) Zeta Functions, Topology and Quantum Physics

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Aoki T., Kanemitsu S., Nakahara M., Ohno Y. (Eds.) Zeta Functions, Topology and Quantum Physics
Springer, 2005. — 227 p. — (Developments in Mathematics 14) — ISBN 0387249729.
This volume focuses on various aspects of zeta functions: multiple zeta values, Ohno’s relations, the Riemann hypothesis, L-functions, polylogarithms, and their interplay with other disciplines.
Eleven articles on recent advances are written by outstanding experts in the above-mentioned fields. Each article starts with an introductory survey leading to the exciting new research developments accomplished by the contributors.
This book will become the major standard reference on the recent advances on zeta functions.
This book, primarily intended for researchers in number theory and mathematical physics, is also accessible to graduate students in these fields.
Table of contents
Göllnitz-Gordon Partitions with Weights and Parity Conditions
Partition Identities for the Multiple Zeta Function
A Perturbative Theory of the Evolution of the Center of Typhoons
Algebraic Aspects of Multiple Zeta Values
On the Local Factor of the Zeta Function of Quadratic Orders
Sums Involving the Hurwitz Zeta-Function Values
Crystal Symmetry Viewed as Zeta Symmetry
Sum Relations for Multiple Zeta Values
The Sum Formula for Multiple Zeta Values and Connection Problem of the Formal Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov Equation
Zeta Functions Over Zeros of General Zeta and L-Functions
Hopf Algebras and Transcendental Numbers
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