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Rajewsky N., Jurga S., Barciszewski J (Eds.) Plant Epigenetics

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Rajewsky N., Jurga S., Barciszewski J (Eds.) Plant Epigenetics
Springer International Publishing AG, 2017. — 538 p. — (RNA Technologies) — ISBN: 9783319555195.
This book presents, in 26 chapters, the status quo in epigenomic profiling. It discusses how functional information can be indirectly inferred and describes the new approaches that promise functional answers, collectively referred to as epigenome editing. It highlights the latest important advances in our understanding of the functions of plant epigenomics and new technologies for the study of epigenomic marks and mechanisms in plants. Topics include the deposition or removal of chromatin modifications and histone variants, the role of epigenetics in development and response to environmental signals, natural variation and ecology, as well as applications for epigenetics in crop improvement. Discussing areas ranging from the complex regulation of stress and heterosis to the precise mechanisms of DNA and histone modifications, it presents breakthroughs in our understanding of complex phenotypic phenomena.
Conservation, Divergence, and Abundance of MiRNAs and Their Effect in Plants
The Role of MiRNAs in Auxin Signaling and Regulation During Plant Development
Growing Diversity of Plant MicroRNAs and MIR-Derived Small RNAs
An Evolutionary View of the Biogenesis and Function of Rice Small RNAs
Small RNAs: Master Regulators of Epigenetic Silencing in Plants
Small RNA Biogenesis and Degradation in Plants
Plant Epigenetics: Non-coding RNAs as Emerging Regulators
Genome-Wide Function Analysis of lincRNAs as miRNA Targets or Decoys in Plant
Plant Non-coding RNAs and the New Paradigms
Epigenetic Regulation by Noncoding RNAs in Plant Development
RNAi Suppressors: Biology and Mechanisms
Analysis of Nucleic Acids Methylation in Plants
DNA Methylation in Plants by microRNAs
DNA Methylation in Plants and Its Implications in Development, Hybrid Vigour, and Evolution
Dynamic DNA Methylation Patterns in Stress Response
Locus-Specific DNA Methylation Analysis and Applications to Plants
Epigenetics in Plant Reproductive Development: An Overview from Flowers to Seeds
Epigenetic Regulation of Phase Transitions in Arabidopsis thaliana
Epigenetics in Plant–Pathogen Interactions
Epigenetic Reprogramming During Plant Reproduction
Rice Epigenomics: How Does Epigenetic Manipulation of Crops Contribute to Agriculture?
Epigenetic Characterization of Satellite DNA in Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris)
Universal and Lineage-Specific Properties of Linker Histones and SWI/SNF-Chromatin Remodeling Complexes in Plants
Abiotic Stress Induced Epigenetic Modifications in Plants: How Much Do We Know?
Apple Latent Spherical Virus (ALSV) Vector as a Tool for Reverse Genetic Studies and Non-transgenic Breeding of a Variety of Crops
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