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D'Espagnat B., Zwirn H. The Quantum World: Philosophical Debates on Quantum Physics

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D'Espagnat B., Zwirn H. The Quantum World: Philosophical Debates on Quantum Physics
2nd Edition. — Springer International Publishing AG, 2017. — 310 p. — (The Frontiers Collection) — ISBN-10: 3319554190.
In this largely nontechnical book, eminent physicists and philosophers address the philosophical impact of recent advances in quantum physics. These are shown to shed new light on profound questions about realism, determinism, causality or locality. The participants contribute in the spirit of an open and honest discussion, reminiscent of the time when science and philosophy were inseparable. After the editors’ introduction, the next chapter reveals the strangeness of quantum mechanics and the subsequent discussions examine our notion of reality. The spotlight is then turned to the topic of decoherence. Bohm’s theory is critically examined in two chapters, and the relational interpretation of quantum mechanics is likewise described and discussed. The penultimate chapter presents a proposal for resolving the measurement problem, and finally the topic of loop quantum gravity is presented by one of its founding fathers, Carlo Rovelli.
The original presentations and discussions on which this volume is based took place under the auspices of the French “Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques”. The book will appeal to everybody interested in knowing how our description of the world is impacted by the results of the most powerful and successful theory that physicists have ever built.
The Inescapable Strangeness of the Quantum World
Quantum Physics, Appearance and Reality
Experimental Investigation of Decoherence
Theoretical Aspects of Decoherence
The Pilot Wave Theory of Louis de Broglie and David Bohm
The Pilot-Wave Theory: Problems and Difficulties
The Relational Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and the EPR Paradox
Exchange of Views on the Relational Interpretation and Bell’s Theorem
The Theory of Measurement
Loop Quantum Gravity
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