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Hou Renzhi. Symposium on Chinese Historical Geography

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Hou Renzhi. Symposium on Chinese Historical Geography
Springer, 2015. - 149p.
Beijing: Its Characteristics of Historical Development and Transformation
Introductory Remarks
The City of Beijing—A Historical Perspective
Part One: The Pioneers Who Opened Up Beijing Area
Part Two: Beijing’s Primitive Settlement—Ji &
the Geographical Features of the City of Ji
Part Three: The Moving Away of the Original Site
of the City and the Construction of Dadu
City in Yuan Dynasty
Part Four: The City of Beijing in Ming and Qing
Dynasties: A Remark-able Example of the Imperial
Capitals for Its Excellent Planning and Designing
A Discussion on the New City Plan of Beijing
The Transformation of the Old City of Beijing,
China—A Concrete Manifestation of New China’s
Cultural Reconstruction
The Relevance of Ancient Chinese Planning Theory
Early Planning and the Rise of Dadu City
Planning Changes in the Ming and Qing Periods
Plan Changes in the New China Era
Views on Three Milestones in the Construction of Beijing City
The City Plan of Beijing Through the Centuries
Shifting Priorities with the Extension of the Middle Axis in Different Ages
The Traditional Thought of “Facing the South to Be Emperor”
From Beijing to Washington—A Contemplation in the Concept of Municipal Planning
Recommendation of the Topic
The City of Beijing (Peking)
Changes of Beijing’s City Sites and Its Present Location
Theme of City Plan
The Essential Task of Transforming Old Beijing and the Achievements
The City of Washington
Choice of the Site and the Original Design of the City
On the Concepts of Municipal Design and Planning
Other Mountain’s Stone May Polish the Jade—Some Examples
Which Can Be Referred to in the Construction of Washington
Oversea Communications Between China and East
Africa Before the So-called Discovery of New Sea-Route
A Modern Interpretation of Ancient Chinese
Geographical Literature
A Commentary on the Book of Rivers
Hsü Xia-Ke’s Travels
The Ancient Great Wall in a New Era
Ancient City Ruins in the Deserts of the Inner
Mongolia Autonomous Region of China
Building Cities on the Silk Road
Land Reclamation and Desertification
The Settlement and Abandonment of Tongwan
Come from Yenching University
Interaction Between the Cultures of East and West and the Trend of the Times
The Tradition of Patriotism and the Spirit of Devotion
In Memory of Professor P. M. Roxby—From the School of Geography of the University of Liverpool
Address at the Commencement of Liverpool University
Hou Renzhi’s Acceptance Address for the George
Davidson Medal
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