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Fritz J., Jaffe A., Szász D. (Eds.) Statistical Physics and Dynamical Systems: Rigorous Results

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Fritz J., Jaffe A., Szász D. (Eds.) Statistical Physics and Dynamical Systems: Rigorous Results
Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, 1985. — 489 p. — (Progress in Physics 10) — ISBN: 9781489966551.
This volume contains most of the invited papers of the Second Colloquium and Workshop on "Random Fields": Rigorous Results in Statistical Mechanics" held in K8szeg, Hungary between August 26 and September 1, 1984. Invited papers whose authors could finally not attend the Colloquium are also included. The Colloquium was organized by the generous sponsorship of the International Union for Pure and Applied Physics, the International Workshop Committee for Theoretical Physics, the International Association of Mathematical Physics, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Janos Bolyai Mathematical Society.
Table of contents
The Algebra of Many-Particle Operators
C*-Algebra Approach to Ground States of the XY-Model
Bulk Diffusion for Interacting Brownian Particles
Spectral Properties of Random and Almost Periodic Differential and Finite-Difference Operators
Equilibrium Fluctuations for Some Stochastic Particle Systems
Linear and Related Models of Time Evolution in Quantum Statistical Mechanics
Systems with Random Couplings on Diamond Lattices
On the Diffusion in Dynamical Systems
The Dynamics of a Particle Interacting with a Semi-Infinite Ideal Gas is a Bernoulli Flow
A Generalization of Carateodory’s Construction for Dimensional Characteristic of Dynamic Systems
Convergence of Images of Certain Measures
Cluster Expansion for Unbounded Non-Finite Potential
Thermal Layer Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation
Hyperbolicity and Möller-Morphism for a Model of Classical Statistical Mechanics
Quantum Stochastic Processes
Absolutely Continuous Invariant Measures for Some Maps of the Circle
Some Problems in Vortex Theory
The Maxwell Rule and Phase Separation in the Hierarchical Vector-Valued ϕ4 -Model
Constructive Criterion for the Uniqueness of Gibbs Field
Completely Analytical Gibbs Fields
Diffusion, Mobility and the Einstein Relation
Transition from Pure Point to Continuous Spectrum for Random Schrödinger Equations: Some Rigorous Studies of Critical Behavior II
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