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Detels Roger, Gulliford Martin (eds.) Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health

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Detels Roger, Gulliford Martin (eds.) Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health
Oxford University Press, 2015. — 1717 p. — ISBN 978–0–19–966175–6.
The Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health is the ultimate resource on the subject of public health and epidemiology. It has been thoroughly revised and updated, offering a global and comprehensive perspective on wide-ranging public health needs and priorities in modern health care. It is divided into three areas: 'The Scope of Public Health' discusses the development of the discipline, determinants of health and disease, public health policies, and law and ethics; 'The Methods of Public Health' covers the main science behind the discipline – epidemiology; 'The Practice of Public Health' examines specific public health problems and the options for prevention and control. As well as identifying these issues by system or disease, there is also an awareness of the unique needs of particular population groups. This sixth edition also includes new topics, including climate change, genetic testing and epidemiology; new methods for measuring the burden of disease; life course approaches to epidemiology, behavioural economics; and physical activity, health and wellbeing.
Volume 1.
The scope of public health.
The development of the discipline of public health.
Determinants of health and disease.
Public health policies, law, and ethics.
Volume 2.
The methods of public health.
Information systems and sources of intelligence.
Epidemiological and biostatistical approaches.
Social science techniques.
Environmental and occupational health sciences.
Volume 3.
The practice of public health.
Major health problems.
Prevention and control of public health hazards.
Public health needs of population groups.
Public health functions.
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