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Korovessi E., Linninger A.A. Batch processes

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Korovessi E., Linninger A.A. Batch processes
Boca Raton: Taylor & Francis Group CRC Press, 2006. — 525 p.
The aim of this book is to provide an inclusive review of the wide-ranging aspects of design, development, operations, and control of batch processes. The development of systematic methods for the synthesis and conceptual design of batch processes offers many challenges and has not received considerable attention, with the exception of chemical route selection and solvent selection.
Batch processing general overview
Batch processing industries
Batch processing design issues
Conceptual design and synthesis of batch processes
Batch reactors in the bioindustries
Batch distillation
Batch crystallization
Crystallization and associated solid–liquid separations
Pollution prevention for batch pharmaceutical and specialty chemical processes
Batch processing management
Batch process modeling and optimization
Batch process management: planning and scheduling
Monitoring and control of batch processes
Supply-chain management
Future of batch processing
Concluding remarks and future prospects
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