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Esposito A., Ciceri M. Reactive Programming for .NET Developers

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Esposito A., Ciceri M. Reactive Programming for .NET Developers
Packt, 2016. — 276 p. — ISBN 978-1-78588-288-3.
Reactive programming is an innovative programming paradigm focused on time-based problem solving. It makes your programs better-performing, easier to scale, and more reliable.
Want to create fast-running applications to handle complex logics and huge datasets for financial and big-data challenges? Then you have picked up the right book!
Starting with the principles of reactive programming and unveiling the power of the pull-programming world, this book is your one-stop solution to get a deep practical understanding of reactive programming techniques. You will gradually learn all about reactive extensions, programming, testing, and debugging observable sequence, and integrating events from CLR data-at-rest or events. Finally, you will dive into advanced techniques such as manipulating time in data-flow, customizing operators and providers, and exploring functional reactive programming.
By the end of the book, you'll know how to apply reactive programming to solve complex problems and build efficient programs with reactive user interfaces.
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