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McKimm Judy, Forrest Kirsty, Thistlethwaite Jill (Eds.) Medical Education at a Gance

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McKimm Judy, Forrest Kirsty, Thistlethwaite Jill (Eds.) Medical Education at a Gance
Wiley-Blackwell, 2017. — 300 p. — (At a Glance).
Overview and broad concepts
What is medical education?
Stages of medical education
Evidence-guided education
Learning theories: paradigms and orientations
Learning theories and clinical practice
The curriculum
Planning and design
Equality, diversity and inclusivity
Principles of selection
Educational leadership
International perspectives
Medical education in practice
Large group teaching: planning and design
Large group teaching: delivery
Small group teaching: planning and design
Facilitating discussion
Clinical teaching: planning and design
Clinical teaching: delivery
Simulation: planning and design
Simulation: delivery
Patient involvement in education
Ward-based and bedside teaching
Learning and teaching in ambulatory settings
Teaching in the operating theatre
Interprofessional education
Reflective practice
Teaching clinical reasoning
Peer learning and teaching
Problem-based and case-based learning
Learner support
Supporting professional development activities
Social media
Assessment and feedback
Principles of assessment
Written assessments
Assessment of clinical skills
Work-based assessment
Assessing professionalism
Developing yourself as a medical educator
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