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Torrington D., Hall L., Taylor S., Atkinson C. Human Resource Management

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Torrington D., Hall L., Taylor S., Atkinson C. Human Resource Management
10th ed. — Pearson, 2017. — 720 p. — ISBN 978-1292129099.
This is a highly engaging text on the theory and practice of HRM that is strongly recommended to both students and professionals.”
Dr Aikaterini Koskina, UG Course Director for HRM, Keele University
For three decades, this text has been the leading introduction to HRM for students at all levels, including those on CIPD-accredited courses. Comprehensive yet accessible, Human Resource Management covers all major areas of the field and is renowned for its readable and engaging style.
This tenth edition has been thoroughly updated with the economic, social and legal employment practice changes and is specifically designed to be relevant to the issues and debates facing HRM today. Its key features include:
A new chapter on ‘HRM around the world’ and technological advances in relation to HRM such as use of analytics and big data
New topics on asynchronous recruitment, agile organisations, dynamic capability and HR planning
‘Theory into Practice’ and ‘Window on Practice’ that enable students to understand and apply HRM concepts through practical examples
Activities and discussion boxes that encourage critical thinking and understanding
A new chapter on advanced skills, and emphasis on employability of skills extends the useful and varied skills section
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